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Wir werden singen

I lost my phone in paradise

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I know it's not top-news now, but I should write it here just for history:)

They did it. They have won this fucking DFB-Pokal.

I came home this weekend, so I had no time for Internet, but it was so cool to watch this game with my friends and my family! And then to celebrate Victory with them!
Without any doubts there were unforgettable emotions. Thanx, guys. You deserved it through all season. Really. 
And I'm happy that Frank and Diego leave team with this Victory. Though I'll miss them anyway! 

One bitter moment was Adler. You tried your  best, Adel. But there're fortune and fairness besides skills. Twas just not your day. But life goes on. 


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[1] Bundesliga was awesome today. I mean I'm disappointed by some results (haaaiii,  Bremen) but I like that till the end there were intrigue and fight about first places.
Congrats for Wolfsburg anyway. These guys deserved.  

[2] Today is 60th Anniversary of Federal Republic of Germany. Yay!  

[3] Monte-Carlo is so soon! BILD published article 'bout fashionshow where F1 pilots took part. Vettel is love. Nah, I'm serious. Next Top Model *giggles* 

Werder Bremen - Shakhtar Donetsk (UEFA-CUP Final)
The night passed but I still have no words. I'm glad that my friends were with me last night. Seems like I haven't cried so much since Euro-2008 Final. I phoned my Dad and... erm, really dunno did I say even one word properly, 'cause I was crying. He tried to calm me, and said that anyway twas wonderful game, it was fight, but there's always one winner, but Bremen dererves respect.
Yeah. Sure.
But I just can't see my boys crying. Frank... I almost jumped on my chair when I saw him in line up. Our captain were with us. But twas challange for me then see them all with tears in their eyes. 
Don't give up, guys, just please don't. DFB-Pokal waits us now. We should fight till the end. 

Frank...It still makes me cry....

Dunno who these guys are but I looked exactly the same yesterday... 

As I told. I had a divorce with free time!
On Monday I began to teach Josef German. Our dialogues are mess *grins*

Me: Ist das klar?
Josef: Nerozuměl jsem všemu...
Me: Jak to?


Me: Na...das ist nicht richtig...
Josef: Warrrrrum nicht? Zatraceně!
Me: Calm down!
Josef: Jistě.
Me: Gottseidank! Schreibst du?

and so on *giggles*

Nah, really we're joking a lot and it's fun. Even when he makes mistakes, I don't blast on him:) *tries to be good teacher*

Last night I was the happiest girl in the world!!!!
FRANK! YOU'RE MY HERO FOREVER! And all my Bremeners! Twas awesome game! Though it took away my nerves. As usual.
Good luck in both finals now!

I call it happiness! ^^

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[1] Well, I have a new job now:) From one hand it's cool 'cause I need more money e.g. for my summer holiday [I still believe I'll have it] From other good bye, free time.

So, I was asked by my Uni-mate's friend to teach him German. He needs it for work here, and then, as he told, he doesn't mind to study in some German Uni.

Well, I dunno at all 'bout my teaching skills, we'll see *giggles*  Though have no clue why he chose me, not the language courses, but I agreed. For the beginning we decided to meet twice in week.

So on the next week I 'll have my first lesson as a teacher. OMG, I'm excited *giggles*

[2] Sometimes I love BILD. Nah, really. They made me happy today with Vettel's gallery in one article.

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Hertha BSC - Werder Bremen - 2:1
Dear Werder, please, answer me, why my love for you isn't mutual?! Huh?
Why can't you be focused on game for the WHOLE time?!
And Clemens... *facepalm* Sorry, but sometimes today you looked like football school's pupil at senior match.
And... okay, I'd try to be calm... but it's DAMN Hertha BSC! *headdesk*
Well, are you expecting I tell I hate you? Nah, still in love. Totally.
Please, be at top form in DFB-Pokal semifinal *prays*

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I'm crazy, know that:)

I told that racing is still boring for me? Forget  it! I'm addicted! *giggles*

HE'S AWESOME! I WANNA MARRY HIM! Forgive me, Clemens *giggles*
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I was cheating for a while again. Sorry. I read my flist, but sometimes just tired to write anything in my own LJ.

Events I have to share.

1. I was at 'The Subways'. YAY! That was coooooool! These guys rock! There was Lucerna, rather small club, but full of true rock'n'roll atmosphere, so energetic, so loud. Me and my friends were so wet after gig as if we swam in pool *giggles*  As I noticed there were enough tourists, we met guys from Finland. They're fans and they came specially for this gig. Honestly it made me think 'bout my summer again.
Here's the pic, not mine;)

2. Granny and Grandpa sold their house in Karlsruhe. I'm very-very sad 'bout it:( This city was part of my childhood, and I liked it. I spent many holidays there. Guh...

3. Leverkusen - Bremen. Yes. Me without football? Impossible! *grins* I liked this game. I like that Werder managed to score, and honestly they could win, there were really good moments to score again, but... yes, it's Adler. Werkself should pray for him.
Though the draw is the most acceptable result for me due to I love both teams. But Werder is still my number one, no other way.

Thank you, Claudio!

And yeah, hugs between Adel and Clemi were so cuuuute too <3

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Today I was caught by strange desire. I wanna wear watch again. I didn't wear it since I lost my previous one when I moved from home to study here. Twas black Romanson Adel [theheheh, yep, Adel], and twas gift from my *now* ex-boyfriend. We broke up just after I finally decided to leave. 'Cause I don't believe in relationships over a distance...
And could you imagine, I've lost my watch in airport... Don't ask - how, I dunno... I'm softy.

The problem is I wanna really good watch again, that means I need ~really good~ money *giggles*

And my flatmate back, yay! I'm not so lonely now  ^^

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Weekend with good events?
It's reality! *giggles*

My flatmate will return home on Monday. YAY! Me and Pavel visited her at hospital, and she looks okay. Doctor said that fracture isn't so serious as it seemed. 

My awesome bro did come to me. Sure *grins* Thanx God he let me know a day before he's coming, so I had time to buy and cook something for him. As usual at the end of the week I have empty fridge:)
We had great time watching football, and though I was nervous for Adel... I just couldn't imagine what felt this guy, sitting at the stand while he should be in game.... Guh.
But it's a fun to watch football with my Phil. He can joke 'bout everything it seems *giggles* But nah, I didn't let him joke 'bout Adel of course, it's untouchable theme, he knows:)

[piece of Live-Ticker talking]

Me: Nah, again. Where's Paddy?! Put him into game, WTF!?
Bro: Where's Pat? Mmmhm, in pub, nah? I'm surprised to see so many guys in white tshirts. Eleven? Srsly? For what? Five-six would be enough.

So, okay, we scored 4 goals, and got 3 points. But, we have problems. We do have problems. And I even don't wanna read what german press has written 'bout it already...

Wednesday is time to face Wales. Let's see. Adel won't play. Pity, I hope he'll recover for game against Köln...

Pic of yesterday's game:

Sweinski! Sweinski never dies! ^^
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