January 1st, 2009


first post in 2009, yay!


hope all of you had great NYE, and spent it with your beloved people;)
I was so happy coz my bro came to me with his friend. it totally surprised me - when we had phone talking on Xmas he didn't even say a word 'bout it!
my Philipp is made of awesome!
I joked like "ah, I know, you came only because you wanna party on new year!" but of course it's only joke;)

we had great time, yeah! I was so glad! when we went out to see fireworks I was ready to cry ^because of happyness of course;)^
I luv my boyz;)
and earlier in the evening we met with Pavel (my friend from institute). he called me and we walked together.  'bout eight he went home to celebrate NY with family. 
we hanged around a little bit more, singing songs ^crazers!;))^  it was funny!;) me and Micha (my bro's friend) played in 2raumwohnung *gg* stuuuuuuuuuupid, I know) we just have fun) and we sang Spiel Mit, pretending that me is Inga and Micha is Tommi;) ^we don't look like them at all though;))^ Phil was our faithful fan *gg*

but there was sad moment as well:( after midnight, when
Micha already went to bed, Phil said me that his girlfriend gave him up. I was like "WHAT?!"
fucking bitch, sorry guyz for my bad words, but it's true...
okay, I've never liked her, coz she's really bitch, maybe I'm even glad that their relationships is finished - my bro deserves most nice girl xD
but... I anyway totally can't understand how it possible to leave him...
I do not know more careful, tender and kind guy...
so I woke up today 'bout 2 p.m., coz I was talking with bro almost until dawn... it seems he isn't  pissed-off at all, but I know that he used to keep emotions inside. I'm worried 'bout him now.
I hope I managed to persuade him that it's not his fault and he should forget and go on... just leave it all behind. but... gosh... sometimes girls are sooo fool;(
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