January 4th, 2009


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so, guyz, while we were celebrating many interesting things happened;)
honestly, until transfer window will be closed I'm afraid of Bild, Kicker, and other sport-news sources;)

but today I was really surprised. Maybe I live on another planet, and everyone knows, but I'm not interested a lot in personal life of players, so it's hot news for me *gg*
January, 1st - Lothar Matthäus affianced with 21 years old girl in Las Vegas ^|that's funny how many germans came to USA on holidays xD Marko Marin with girlfriend, Hoffenheim, Matthäus as well^| . Dunno who she is, but Bild writes she's nee Tchoudinova. Seems she has Slavic roots or something like that.
In summer he plans to marry her, with all wedding's tradition like white dress and so on.
okay, Lothar is controversial person for me. It's just information, I won't comment it.
Here's a pic of happy couple;)

Then, interview with Patrick Helmes. Nothing special, honestly;) blah-blah-blah in general. 
But there were few interesting Q&A;)
He said that Poldi just underestimated level of competition in Bayern. And it would be good for him to return in Köln. 
Also he said that Manchester United is team of his dream;)
He likes to play Golf.
He has housemaid, but goes to supermarkets by himself. He prefers Plus, Rewe, and Real.
He has spent Xmas with his girlfriend on Maldives.
And he is electrician by occupation.

Wow! I've said nothing 'bout transfers;)
okay, I'm sure everyone knows that  Wayne Bridge was signed for Man. City and Ivica Olic says "hello!" Bayern Munich.
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