January 11th, 2009


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oh my
i didn't post almost a week.
of course, holidays were finished and I've lost free time at all.

it seems all people around me are crazy about Dakar 2009 and biathlon. okay, I guess it because of Pavel is F1 fan and he's interested in rally as well, and my Dad is ski-sports fan.
Moreover biathlon competition takes place in Oberhof .
So, Michael Rösch is hot news. My Dad even called me today to speak 'bout it xD He was like "have you seen, have you seen?"
omg, no:) I'm freezing here, and I want summer as hell.
wtf is biathlon....

and my own number one theme for ages is football *gg*
I'm still worried about Kieß... *and other guys of course*
[few Bayer players came down with a flu, if you don't know]
Hope Adel brings him hot lemon tea every morning *gg*

Tomorrow they'll play against Galatasaray and I keep my fingers crossed, coz Werder has lost today. I'm shocked, really.