January 14th, 2009


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of course I should expect something like that but I'm angry as hell anyway.

Today Micha called me up and when I saw his name on display I was really like "OMG, what's happened?!", coz of course, he's best friend of my brother that's why he's friend of mine as well, but I can't say that he often phones me, especially when I'm abroad.
There was a reason. Still the same damn situation with Phil's ex-girlfriend. The problem is they have many common friends and it means many common parties and so on.
Of course it was rather painful for Phil to see her with her new boy. Btw a year ago Phil helped him with money (on credit, of course, but he got it back only after 4 month).
But everything was okay, coz as I said Phil can keep feelings inside. But now shit happens, yep.

This her damn new fucker told Phil that he should keep away from her, and in general Phil is annoying for him, so he doesn't care at all - he just want Phil to disappear. And due to he was a little bit drunk he tried to  give a slap in the Phil's face. Thanx God guys caught him.
So Micha phoned me to ask adviсe. Of course Phil doesn't want to leave this company, coz there're few his good mates, but as I understood from Micha's words noone gonna interfere in this situation, and noone gonna tell this fucking asshole that he should shut up his mouth. 
I told that these "mates" should burn in hell. And the most awful I can't now call up Philipp and tell him where he should send this bitch with her butthead, coz Micha asked me to lock my mouth. Of course Phil told him not to making me know, coz  "she'll worry and I don't want her to"
Oh... so Philipp....

Well, I gave Micha heap of adviсes:) First of all to avoid these ppl. They're able to have fun without them.

I need to write essay today, but of course I hadn't time (and, honestly, I was too lazy), and I really  dunno how I'll do it tomorrow coz I'll be busy almost the whole day.

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