January 22nd, 2009


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I was at home today for the whole day, so TV was my friend *gg*  Honestly I watch it very-very seldom and only sports channels.
Though I didn't break this rule. I watched short men program in figure skating. Not all, it was too long, and I had many things to do.
Honestly I'm not into figure skating at all, I'm not a fan of winter sports. But when there's big competitions like European or World Championships I try to be onto results.
And I giggle with myself again, coz it seems I'm addicted to boys with name "Clemens".

It's our figure skater Clemens Brummer, unfortunately he fell down on ice while he was skating, so he...erm... got 22 place, but it doesn't matter, coz I'm not FS fan, I just like his eyes and lips:)
No, I really wonder is it a hallmark of all Clemenses *gg*

And I realised today that more than anything I hate envious people. Some of them need to remember that envy shoots at others and wounds herself.