February 1st, 2009


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What should good girls do during semester exams? Yep, working hard on tasks.
And what I do? Yep, having fun!:)
Okay, I really had a great night from Friday to Saturday! Anyway my brain needs a rest to work properly, theh)
So earlier in the evening we drank  few cocktails and then played kicker. It was fun! And it's really better than FIFA09:)
Then we called up Gio (Pavel's Italian friend) and he invited us to keep on party at his place. Guess what we did? We cooked Italian pizza! Hm, okay, honestly Gio cooked and we all just helped him:) Or tried to help :P
And we thought that it would be cool to give a party where everyone should cook smth from ethnic cuisine. If we survive exams we'll do:)

Okay, that was real life, now - football!:)
First of all I really respect both teams for wearing these black bands in memory of Dortmund fan [he tragically died during previous game]...

Sinkiewicz totally shocked me with this clumsy pass... which turned into a chance for Borussia, and Frei has used this fucking chance and scored a goal:(
Thanx Tranquillo "Awesome!" Barnetta (for brilliant pass)  and Helmes (for goal) in the second half.
We lost two points. And we still have this situation:
5 - Leverkusen (33)
6 - Dortmund (30)
And I'm pretty sure that next game with VfB Stuttgart won't be easy.

But I forget all these troubles when I look at this pic from today's game:

I'm melting like an ice-cream<3
Paddy and Kieß! They're so cute, oh my <333
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