February 10th, 2009


(no subject)

Hi! I'm still alive!:)
I was down by flu unfortunately. Now I'm almost okay:) 
And of course so fucking many important things happened while I was spending my days with pills under the blanket.
Bayer vs. Stuttgart was totally terrifying game! I really dunno how I managed to watch it all. I'm strong girl, theh.
I do not ask what happened with our defenders. They're always in coma. But what happened with Adler?!
Then. Chelsea. Mr. Abramovich kicked out Scolari. Hm-hm. Honestly I still can't determinate my feelings 'bout this news. From one hand Scolari definetly destroyed team. But from other... what's now? This rumours 'bout Hiddink sound interesting. But anyway he's going to be temporary coach. And then? I'm excited...
Ah, I wish Jose came back. It's dream it's obvious... But... I miss him.