February 19th, 2009


Werder - AC Milan (UEFA Cup)

Well, I promised elementarystars  to say to my flist that I love you:) 
So, first of all I love you, guys, and then good bye cruel world:(

It wasn't a game. It was a mess. God knows how I hate Italian football [ nothing personal, guys, I don't mean to offend anyone ]
But I should admit there's nothing Bremeners could do today:( Thanx God we still have Diego.

And Fritz... What a shame.... What's wrong with you, Clemi?!

The good point - my flatmate laughed while I was yelling at Thomas Wark, at all Milan team, at Thomas Schaaf and so on.
She said: ' We don't live together. We live together with bunch of men! I'm afraid, you know, I'll meet Adler, or Risse, or whoever you're talking 'bout all days in our kitchen soon!'
It made me smile ^_^

Okay, it's 1:1 in the end, and we have pain in ass for the away game:(

*feels like spaming, yep*

I love our Chancellor. No, I'm serious:)
Her face expressions are priceless, rly xD Always! She's candidate no.1 for LJ mood theme, but I'm too lazy :P
But I just couldn't resist to post this new pic [ ironically taken on 18 Feb, thehe ]
It looks totally like me after Werder Bremen - AC Milan game!!!

Okay, I'm not so sad now:)