March 4th, 2009


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Well, today's morning began with a tragic news. There're articles 'bout death of Sebastian Faißt almost at all sites:( He was handball player and he was only 20. On Saturday he would have become 21 . Collapse )

They say it was some problems with blood vessels. Ah, really it shocked me. I'm not a handball fan, but who cares? I just always couldn't understand when young men die:(
And it always scares me in sport. Coz we know not many, but enough incidents when sportsmen died during games b/c of training loads or by accident:(
It's written in the article that handball is really dangerous sport coz players often get kicks at neck and head, and it prolly would lead to problems with vessels. 
But gosh, the same shit is in football!

Rest In Peace, Sebastian... And God, give his family strength to survive that:(

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