March 10th, 2009


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Well, I need to introduce you my newest obsession *gg*
[everyone looks at my userpic]
It's Sebastian Vettel, German F1 driver.
I'll tell you the story *gg* 
As you remember my friend Pavel came to my place on Sunday to watch Bayer's game with me. And it was cool, coz after game I felt like I need a hug.
And Pavel is a huge F1 fan so after match we were talking 'bout different sport's stuff. There were competition [don't remember the exact title] somewhere in Spain several days before, and Pavel showed me some vids and pics.

The episod 'Me falling in love for the thousand times' *gg*

Me: Wait up! Who's it?!
Pavel: Erm, Sebastian Vettel, don't you know him?
Me: I don't! OMG!
Pavel [to my flatmate]: You see? And she calls herself a patriot!
Me: Agrrrh, stop teasing me! You know I'm totally not into F1!
Pavel [giggles]: Seems like you were. And now you ARE.
Me: Nah, I still suppose that racing is really boring sport. I need to google him. Make userpics. And find a slash-comm.
Pavel: What?
Me: That's a lucky to be a girl, honey! [giggles] It's possible for me just to get
pleasure and discuss someone's sexy legs or beautiful eyes!
Pavel [facepalm]: I luv u

So, yep, I googled him.Collapse )

I wanna such kind of stuff from Werder! And Bayer. And NT.
Honestly, it's interesting how long I'm going to be mad 'bout him, coz I'm sooo giddy-brained *gg* My footie-boys are the one and only constant in my life *gg*