March 29th, 2009


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Weekend with good events?
It's reality! *giggles*

My flatmate will return home on Monday. YAY! Me and Pavel visited her at hospital, and she looks okay. Doctor said that fracture isn't so serious as it seemed. 

My awesome bro did come to me. Sure *grins* Thanx God he let me know a day before he's coming, so I had time to buy and cook something for him. As usual at the end of the week I have empty fridge:)
We had great time watching football, and though I was nervous for Adel... I just couldn't imagine what felt this guy, sitting at the stand while he should be in game.... Guh.
But it's a fun to watch football with my Phil. He can joke 'bout everything it seems *giggles* But nah, I didn't let him joke 'bout Adel of course, it's untouchable theme, he knows:)

[piece of Live-Ticker talking]

Me: Nah, again. Where's Paddy?! Put him into game, WTF!?
Bro: Where's Pat? Mmmhm, in pub, nah? I'm surprised to see so many guys in white tshirts. Eleven? Srsly? For what? Five-six would be enough.

So, okay, we scored 4 goals, and got 3 points. But, we have problems. We do have problems. And I even don't wanna read what german press has written 'bout it already...

Wednesday is time to face Wales. Let's see. Adel won't play. Pity, I hope he'll recover for game against Köln...

Pic of yesterday's game:

Sweinski! Sweinski never dies! ^^