April 12th, 2009


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I was cheating for a while again. Sorry. I read my flist, but sometimes just tired to write anything in my own LJ.

Events I have to share.

1. I was at 'The Subways'. YAY! That was coooooool! These guys rock! There was Lucerna, rather small club, but full of true rock'n'roll atmosphere, so energetic, so loud. Me and my friends were so wet after gig as if we swam in pool *giggles*  As I noticed there were enough tourists, we met guys from Finland. They're fans and they came specially for this gig. Honestly it made me think 'bout my summer again.
Here's the pic, not mine;)

2. Granny and Grandpa sold their house in Karlsruhe. I'm very-very sad 'bout it:( This city was part of my childhood, and I liked it. I spent many holidays there. Guh...

3. Leverkusen - Bremen. Yes. Me without football? Impossible! *grins* I liked this game. I like that Werder managed to score, and honestly they could win, there were really good moments to score again, but... yes, it's Adler. Werkself should pray for him.
Though the draw is the most acceptable result for me due to I love both teams. But Werder is still my number one, no other way.

Thank you, Claudio!

And yeah, hugs between Adel and Clemi were so cuuuute too <3

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