May 8th, 2009



As I told. I had a divorce with free time!
On Monday I began to teach Josef German. Our dialogues are mess *grins*

Me: Ist das klar?
Josef: Nerozuměl jsem všemu...
Me: Jak to?


Me: Na...das ist nicht richtig...
Josef: Warrrrrum nicht? Zatraceně!
Me: Calm down!
Josef: Jistě.
Me: Gottseidank! Schreibst du?

and so on *giggles*

Nah, really we're joking a lot and it's fun. Even when he makes mistakes, I don't blast on him:) *tries to be good teacher*

Last night I was the happiest girl in the world!!!!
FRANK! YOU'RE MY HERO FOREVER! And all my Bremeners! Twas awesome game! Though it took away my nerves. As usual.
Good luck in both finals now!

I call it happiness! ^^