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Wir werden singen

I lost my phone in paradise

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Germany vs. Norway
Na ja... I was too pissed off yesterday to make a post... But. No, I just need to speak 'bout it. Even with my PC.
I'm. Smashed. To. Atoms.
I know that it was friendly game and blah-blah-blah...
But it was second lost friendly game. And now I'm scared to face Qualifikations. I've read Bild forum today and "a shame" was the most popular word to describe yesterday.
Unfortunately, that's true.
Was für eine miese Leistung is my exact thought 'bout this game.

Honestly I HATE Bild now. Bloody bastards. First they call Adler a Hope of Nation, they adore him and write billions articles, but when he goes wrong they tread him to pieces, and drag his name through the mire.
And I'm ashamed that you're German!
I really was shocked to read titles as "Flatter-Adler" and smth like that. Yep, of course, Adler is the one player on the field. You forgot another 10 guys, ya know? I dunno why they chose him as a victim for these fucking articles.
You'd better to write something 'bout "super" Mario, nah? Or Westermann who is "of course" don't-do-any-mistakes man.
Bloody hell...

I believe in my guys. I really do. And I love them, coz for me it's not just a team. I know that many people lost their interest in mannschaft after Euro, because of all these scandals, but I'm not of them. 
I'll support my national team till I die. Whether they're winners or not.
They mean so much to me. Really. It's not just words.
It's hard for me to explain it properly... They're part of my homeland, they're part of my nation... and since I live abroad I take all what happens with them close to heart more than ever...

Okay. I have faith. And nobody can take it away from me. I just keep my fingers crossed.
Ich kann Ihnen versprechen, dass wir unsere Lehre daraus ziehen. (c) Joachim Löw.
I risk to trust you again, Herr Bundestrainer....

Sorry, guys, that I fill your flist with these gloomy thoughts, but believe, I really need to get this shit out of my head...


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OMG,say it isn't so! o_0

excuse me for a while,I'd feel like go to a corner and crying again..I just can't accept that they 'chose' Adler as the victim. :( It's damn not fair!!

Sorry,richtung-san,I did not manage to watch it on live telecast yesterday :(

And yes,I went to class like normally yesterday,except that I got swollen eyes because of the frequency of my crying session.Everyone's been wondering about me,but I don't give even a damn.And yes,this is my answer for your last question in our last letter,dear :)

No matter what,I'm still supporting die mannschaft till the Qualifikation,and to me,yes,they still can make it.Yes,I still have my faith in them! It's just that I hope some people won't put the blame easily on someone else if something goes wrong. :/

Yes, it is. And it's usual behavior of german press, unfortunately:(
It's always so easy for them to begin to abase someone, even if this man was an idol for them yesterday.

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