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Wir werden singen

I lost my phone in paradise

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I'm back again:)

I had the funniest St. Valentine's Day ever! Yes, I know it was ages ago, but I should catch up in this post what happened in my life :P
Most of my friends are single now but we decided party hard anyway! We love each other so it's our day as well!
Weekend began at friday night when I even persuaded them to watch football with me!!!! YAY! OMG, it was unbelievable coz everybody among my friends here really don't like football. [they're all insane! they're all insane! *gg*]
So we watched Bayer against Hoffenheim game and MY WERKSELF BOYS GAVE ME A BEST GIFT THEY COULD! It was really brilliant game! Gosh! I was jumping, applauding and yaying so now I'm pretty sure my friends think I'm insane too *gg* 
And I was so glad for Adel! He was smiling! And he was so happy!

On Saturday we went to the cinema. Honestly it's a excruciation to watch movies with my friends:) I mean we all really love cinema but have different tastes. So we spent an hour until finally decided what we ALL want to watch.
We had to choose among Milk, Revolutionary Road and Bedtime stories. And it was like "nooooo, I hate Kate&Leo, I bet it's slobbery shit!", "noooo, I hate all these stupid family movies", "nooooo, I know that Milk is great film, I'm too drunk for great films now!"
Guess what we watched in the end? Yes man with Jim Carrey. It was fun, really. It's a comedy but with hidden serious meaning, and I like movies like that.

And now I'm waiting for tomorrow's Werder - AC Milan game. And I'm nervous, honestly. 

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We love each other so it's our day as well!

Aw, that's so sweet!

I even persuaded them to watch football with me!!!!

YAY! I'm so pleased for you! I know exactly what you mean, because most of my friends don't watch football, but my best friend recently asked me to teach her about footie, and I was over the moon!

I've been wanting to see Yes Man, but never got around to it. Glad to hear it was good, I'll probably get it on DVD.

Good luck for tomorrow's game. I'm cheering for Werder!

By the way, I've just been looking at your profile and you have awesome taste in music. Cold War Kids! Ah, I love pretty much every single one you listed. :)

*singing* friiiiends will be friiiiiends!:)

Thehe, my flatmate is used to know all my footie-OMG-drama but she likes fernando torres:( that's sad:(

I'm cheering for Werder!
Aw, thanx <3

Oh, I'm a huge music fan, yep:) Glad you like these bands too! YAY! Soulmate! ^_^
UK is music paradise, really:) Lucky you, you live there ^_^

Gehst du hin zum Werder Spiel? Bah, mir ist zu spät eingefallen, dass das ist. XD

Entschuldige, dass ich hier so reinplatze.

Heh, TV ist mein Freund:P Ich bin jetzt im Prague

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