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Wir werden singen

I lost my phone in paradise

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*feels like spaming, yep*
I love our Chancellor. No, I'm serious:)
Her face expressions are priceless, rly xD Always! She's candidate no.1 for LJ mood theme, but I'm too lazy :P
But I just couldn't resist to post this new pic [ ironically taken on 18 Feb, thehe ]
It looks totally like me after Werder Bremen - AC Milan game!!!

Okay, I'm not so sad now:)

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She's so cute in that pic! You're really going to have her pics as your mood theme? :P

The fact that we share the same name is almost frightening me in a way.

Nah, I'm kinda joking:) She's my Chancellor, I should respect her:) I just mean that it would be rly expressive mood theme:)

Frightening? Oh, why?:)

Lol.Don't get me wrong,dear.It's just that she is a Wonder Woman,with those great influences,power and all that..I ought to see her as an idol :) Grrl Power!!

Aha-ha, I see now:) I'm slooow thinker :P

Neh,it's not your fault :P And yeah,elementarystars's right,she's a footie fan and that IS cool! *thumbs up*

I've checkin out your unserinfo..very gorgeous graphics you've done there,and a well-done improvement too,I love the coloring especially :) Good job!

Oh yeah,sorry for keep you waiting,I've posted the nightmare I've been talking about.Finally,the Internet loves me back.

Awww, thank you:) I tried finally put my userinfo in order:)

YAY! *runs to read*

I think I love your chancellor. She's a football fangirl and she's rocking the girl power! She's my new hero!

*is full of pride now*

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