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Nah, it's really not funny, but almost from the very beginning of this year almost every weekend ends with fuck up...
This time my flatmate broke her ankle. We spent few hours in hospital, and then doctor said that it would better if she'll stay for 3 (it depends on how it's going) or so days there.
Then Adel injured his elbow. And I almost screamed when I saw that. I'm serious. WTF....

I was so sad and gloomy on Monday... It was so unusual to be alone at home in the evening...

Today I argued with my Uni mate about that damn photo project. I told him that I just can't work with him, 'cause everything seems to be a mess. And I can't organise something when he even doesn't imagine what exactly he needs. Week ago we just wasted our and our collaborators time.
And he was like "Okay, fuck off but do that, that and that first! You should, you know?!"
I was speechless. Really.
Where ppl only take such kind of impudence....

As a result of all these events I was totally pissed off... So I just phoned my bro in tears tonight, and ... gosh, how I love him!  He tried to cheer up me for almost an hour! Oh God, what would I do without him!? 'Cause I love my parents, really, but when I feel like I need a hug I always phone my bro first of all.

[just a piece of our conversation]

Bro: Hey, sweety, should I come to you asap, nah?
Me: It's okay, really. It's up to you. If you already have plans or whatever, I don't insist. Really.
Bro: I recognise my strong and obstinate girl *giggles*
Me: Nah, Philipp, come on! You know I miss you, but I don't want to be annoying and disturb your plans!
Bro: *still giggles* How did you guess that my plans are weekend in Prague?
Me: *dies laughing*
Bro: Done, sweety. I'll try my best to come. Whether you like it or not!

Sometimes I really feel sorry he's my bro. 'Cause sometimes I just wanna marry him! *giggles*
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