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Wir werden singen

I lost my phone in paradise

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Hertha BSC - Werder Bremen - 2:1
Dear Werder, please, answer me, why my love for you isn't mutual?! Huh?
Why can't you be focused on game for the WHOLE time?!
And Clemens... *facepalm* Sorry, but sometimes today you looked like football school's pupil at senior match.
And... okay, I'd try to be calm... but it's DAMN Hertha BSC! *headdesk*
Well, are you expecting I tell I hate you? Nah, still in love. Totally.
Please, be at top form in DFB-Pokal semifinal *prays*

Ah, my poor Frank... Ya know, it really hurts to see you down on knees:(

Not a Rosenberg's day? Richtig...

Ja, Peter. My exact emotions:(

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The only positive thing about today's game is that Mertesacker scored. I'm shocked how easily Werder looses points these days. *shakes head in disapproval*

Guh, too true...:(
I wonder where's their power to fight...

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