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[1] Well, I have a new job now:) From one hand it's cool 'cause I need more money e.g. for my summer holiday [I still believe I'll have it] From other good bye, free time.

So, I was asked by my Uni-mate's friend to teach him German. He needs it for work here, and then, as he told, he doesn't mind to study in some German Uni.

Well, I dunno at all 'bout my teaching skills, we'll see *giggles*  Though have no clue why he chose me, not the language courses, but I agreed. For the beginning we decided to meet twice in week.

So on the next week I 'll have my first lesson as a teacher. OMG, I'm excited *giggles*

[2] Sometimes I love BILD. Nah, really. They made me happy today with Vettel's gallery in one article.

Are you alive?! Let me know, plz! *giggles* 


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