kirschchen (richtung) wrote,

Werder Bremen - Shakhtar Donetsk (UEFA-CUP Final)

The night passed but I still have no words. I'm glad that my friends were with me last night. Seems like I haven't cried so much since Euro-2008 Final. I phoned my Dad and... erm, really dunno did I say even one word properly, 'cause I was crying. He tried to calm me, and said that anyway twas wonderful game, it was fight, but there's always one winner, but Bremen dererves respect.
Yeah. Sure.
But I just can't see my boys crying. Frank... I almost jumped on my chair when I saw him in line up. Our captain were with us. But twas challange for me then see them all with tears in their eyes. 
Don't give up, guys, just please don't. DFB-Pokal waits us now. We should fight till the end. 

Frank...It still makes me cry....

Dunno who these guys are but I looked exactly the same yesterday... 
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